Ten Benefits of a Border Wall

Construction of the border wall is hotly debated with pros and cons. With over 100 miles officially completed and 400 more projected to be completed soon, the wall is indeed being built with data showing many positive results. Each point below is backed up by existing data with new data showing continued benefits.

1) With a decrease in illegal border crossings agencies can better determine which detainees are genuine asylum seekers versus those just trying to get into the United States illegally.

2) Crimes of all types are being reduced as the number of illegal aliens who would commit crime is reduced.

3) The amount and type of drugs being smuggled across the border is rapidly declining which is a huge benefit for both individuals, families and communities all over the United States.

4) Human smuggling and sex trafficking of women and children have been reduced.

5) Attacks on border security agents are significantly down.

6) Crossings by phony families are on the decline. About 30% of families attempting to cross the border are fake; composed of two adults not in any relationship and often with a child not of their own (often purchased and then recycled back into the system).

7) The authoritative Center for Immigration Studies determined that, “even if the wall failed to stop the bulk of illegals, it would still pay for itself in a decade by cutting welfare, education, and other associated lifetime costs to federal, state and local taxpayers to care for undocumented immigrants.” The net cost savings would be in the billions annually and put to use benefiting the most underprivileged US citizens.

8) The number if illegal aliens who die traveling in inhospitable terrain after crossing is falling.

9) The wall reverses the incentive to make an illegal crossing especially for vulnerable women and children who travel across dangerous terrain with a reported 80% reportedly being raped.

10) Improved protection of border communities ravaged by theft and burglary. Many criminals cross not to immigrate or smuggle, but to steal what they can, such as vehicles.

So, the next time someone argues against a wall, show them this list with a compassionate attitude. Most folks on the left who are against a wall are not actually against a wall, but just obstinately and ignorantly voicing a blind opposition to Trump to the detriment of the ten points enumerated above.

Ultimately, an effective border wall will be completely built with improved monitoring and detection technology to assist in keeping people alive and safe on BOTH sides … with a welcoming door for those genuinely seeking asylum and a better life in our great country.

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

― Ronald Reagan

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